Rust in peace: Volkswagen Beetle

Ran When Parked

1974-volkswagen-beetle-11 Once-cheap economy cars tend follow the same pattern as they enter the realm of collector cars. The early models are generally worth a small fortune because they were built in relatively low numbers and few remain in good shape. The newest examples quickly pick up value as they represent the model’s ultimate evolution and are generally the most comfortable and convenient to drive on a regular basis. Cars built in the middle of the production run are less fortunate and often seen as a last resort by collectors. Look around and you’ll see this theory applies to applies to many so-called people’s cars including the Citroën 2CV, the Austin Mini, the Volkswagen Beetle and even the Renault 4.

Photographed in a Utah wrecking yard, the 1974 Beetle pictured below is clearly not in good shape but it is unquestionably salvageable. It appears to have lived the typical life of a…

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