2015 Audi A3 TDI Diesel Sedan

Well-played. Love the Audi A3!

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2015-audi-a3-tdi-sedan-photo-642754-s-520x318BY DAVEY G. JOHNSON

Third. We finished third. To launch the TDI version of its new A3 sedan, Audi arranged a fuel-mileage challenge. The goal? Albuquerque, New Mexico, to Coronado, California, on one tank of diesel. That’s a distance of 834 miles. We mollified ourselves with the age-old “well, at least we’re on the podium” chestnut. But technical editor Eric Tingwall chided us via Twitter, “Let me channel Sherman here: If you didn’t win, you lost. Sherman would’ve won.” If the mild-mannered, affable Tingwall is publicly wagging a finger of shame at you, it’s bad. And he’s right. Tech director Don Sherman would’ve won.

We’d suffered 759 miles across New Mexico, Arizona, and most of the width of California. So when the nice man from Audi suggested that we wouldn’t make it—having hit zero fuel about halfway up the summit on Interstate 8—we stupidly believed him. That belief cost us…

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