A5 convertible 2017

The Audi A5 convertible continues to be revitalized. Priced from $83,400, the luxurious convertible is quieter, faster and much more efficient… the the complete opposite of this author, who’s becoming louder, slower and fewer effective – at everything, constantly. But we all do get one factor in keeping: we’re both getting uglier. The brand new A5 convertible isn’t the loveliest flower within the field but it’s a much better vehicle overall and simpler to reside with. Sell your old car and svar money for new Audi A5.

Under 5 minutes later the celebs opened up with one the greatest deluges Adelaide has witnessed all winter, and rain drops one inch across were slamming in to the S5 Cabriolet’s windshield. That’s champagne Murphy’s Law, dear readers.

Prior to the rain could saturate the car’s plush leather and soak its high-definition Virtual Cockpit, I decreased the rate to 45km/h and stabbed the rooftop-shut button with vehemence. In just a few seconds i was ensconced inside a warm, almost dry cockpit – without having to stop.

Granted, most contemporary convertibles have this selection but knowing it’s available and getting a sudden have to employ it are a couple of various things. It labored well. Bravo Audi convertible.

There are plenty of other neat features within the new A5 drop-top range which make coping with it simpler. For instance, there’s more rear leg room, just one button to spread outOrnear all home windows at the same time along with a simpler roof opening functionality, requiring one touch rather of holding the button.

The rooftop takes just a few seconds to spread out and 18 seconds to shut, and it is improved material layering delivers impressive insulation against outdoors acoustics, just like 1mm thicker side home windows as well as an acoustically insulated front windshield. Quite simply, it’s impressively quiet within the cabin.

Another awesome addition are three discreet Bluetooth telephony microphones stitched in to the seatbelt. They’re how big small shirt buttons and improve hands-free voice quality. It’s all a little CIA.

The A5 convertible cabin looks fantastic too, the front-drive entry-level model.

The vista in the driver’s seat begins with the big premium leather controls and customisable Virtual Cockpit, which operates with Google Maps for added visual skill. I reckon it’s still the very best digital instrument panel available on the market.

Audi helps make the driver feel special through other means too, like the clean, uncluttered central infotainment system, classy gear shifter and touch-sensitive digital climate controls.

Everything feels and looks millions of dollars.

According to Audi’s Major league baseball Evo platform which underpins its Q7 flagship, the brand new A5 Cabriolet has a veritable cornucopia of driving and safety aids.

Active steering could keep you inside your lane, radar cruise control will accelerate and slow you instantly, which two features alone make cruising very relaxing. There’s a traffic jam assistant, so if this sounds like your everyday driver the commute will not be quite as taxing.

Then there’s an energetic swerve control safety feature designed to prevent you getting a mind-on collision. This side from the Mercedes-Benz E-Class, Audi’s autonomous features are the best available on the market.

Obviously in addition, there’s autonomous emergency braking, which operates at as much as 85km/h, plus exit warning which means you don’t open you into traffic or cyclists, and rear mix-traffic alert.

Audi states this is actually the greatest convertible in the range, offering four proper seats when compared with its three other open-top choices: the Audi TT, A3 and R8 cabrios.

There’s lots of headroom for front occupants using the roof closed, although should you came rapid straw for that back seat you will be demanding the rooftop be opened up. Rear seat leg room isn’t amazing either, however ,, misfortune chuck if you are stuck within the back.

You will find three models so far within the A5 convertible range: the entry-level front-wheel drive 2.-litre turbo-gas (140kW/320Nm) and also the mid-spec quattro operated by a boosted version of the identical engine (185kW/370Nm). The second would be the top-seller within the range, states Audi.

Towards the top of the household tree may be the S5 Cabriolet, operated by exactly the same 3.-litre turbo-gas V6 (260kW/500Nm) because the S4 sedan, wagon and (Sportback) liftback, as well as the S5 Coupe.

All purchases have a three-year, limitless-km warranty around australia. Here’s the prices structure (plus on-road costs):

Audi A5 Cabriolet 2. TFSI S tronic – $83,400

Audi A5 Cabriolet 2. TFSI quattro S tronic – $95,000

Audi S5 Cabriolet 3. TFSI quattro tiptronic – $119,111

Maybe there is a bahn-storming 331kW RS 5 Cabriolet for $170K? Audi isn’t saying at this time, so we’ll need to wait and find out. You will find diesel models offered in Europe but after comprising less one out of 20 sales within this country, Audi Australia made a decision to not import any oil-burning A5 Cabs here.

However when the entry-level 140kW vehicle consumes a claimed 5.9L/100km, frugal shoppers won’t must much to whinge about. It’s a spritely mover too, speeding up crisply from the line and building steam effectively for overtaking, with peak torque coming in a very functional 1400rpm.

The greater potent 185kW 2.-litre four-pot consumes premium fuel at 6.7L/100km, as the S5 does 7.9L/100km – pretty good for cars that rocket to 100km/h very rapidly: 6.3 and 5.1sec correspondingly.

Both four-cylinder models come standard having a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission that does an unbelievably effective job swapping cogs, whether you’re ducking and weaving like Floyd Mayweather or simply going from One place to another like Mail carrier Pat.

The beefy turbo V6 model will get a standard eight-speed auto and it is just like smooth but not really responsive.

The brand new model has less flex in your body and for that reason a better capability to generate grip. It accelerates better and it is simpler they are driving than its predecessor in most situations.

Despite being longer by 47mm (now 4673mm), it’s 40kg lighter along with a more dynamic vehicle, eating up corners just like a hungry canine in an abandoned picnic.

The S5 may be the pick from the bunch if you want going fast and revel in a gravelly exhaust note, but in fact the bottom- and mid-level A5 Cabriolets offer more thrust than most motorists is ever going to need.

Even though the 2.-litre cars do not have the sports suspension from the S5, they provide slightly better ride comfort rather.

Neck-level heaters built-into the top seats offer three temperatures making open-top driving more enjoyable, particularly in wintery weather which we experienced in South Australia.

However the best factor about driving the brand new A5 convertible is you do not have to determine its ugly muzzle. Fair dinkum, within my humble opinion, the look went backwards.

I’ve discussed this design conundrum formerly, after i compared the appearance from the old Audi A5 coupe in comparison to the brand new one. The original’s beauty is at its elegant simplicity, although this the first is too picky within the details and it has me scratching my mind, given Audi insists this convertible is definitely an image vehicle.

Each to their personal. I’m able to consider better items to drop $100,000 on however i also see – nay, understand – the attraction. And, to become fair, just the design and also the complicated wind blocker that deletes the trunk seats (serious) count complaining about.

It’s an attractive machine to invest amount of time in, it’s engaging to have interaction with, it’s chocked filled with luxury and technology and it is worth a closer inspection if this sounds like your jam.


2017 Audi A5 Convertible 2. TFSI quattro prices and specifications:

Cost: $95,000 (plus on-road costs)

Engine: 2.-litre four-cylinder turbo-gas

Output: 185kW/370Nm

Transmission: Seven-speed dual-clutch automatic

Fuel: 6.7L/100km (ADR Combined)

CO2: 154g/km (ADR Combined)

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