Audi A3 named as World Car of the Year (no surprise)

audi a3 car of the year

It should come as no surprise really, that the all-new Audi A3 has scooped up the award for World Car of the Year 2014.

The luxury line of saloon has now won seven times since 2005. That tells you something about quality right there.

Now I’m no car salesman, but now surely the car sells itself

Big gimmick? A3 to come fitted with 4G

Audi A3 Limousine

The new A3 is the first car to come with embedded 4G LTE built-in.

A fancy feature, but would you pay more to have a car that could stream your YouTube and Netflix videos faster?

Whether you think it’s gimmicky or not, Audi are selling cars for more for this privilege — only in earmarked for the US for 2015.

The cost is $100 for 5GB every six months.

Would you buy into it?

A3 Sedan success in India priority

Luxury segment has been a fast growing segment with the entry of Mercedes A and B Class, and BMW 1 Series. Audi's A3 sedan will compete in this segment.

Audi have strengthened their intent in India with the launch of the A3 sedan by mid-2014.

“We will launch the Audi A3 Sedan in India in the middle of this year. Being the most popular brand in India and winning in this market is an absolute priority for us.”

Audi India Head, Joe King said.