New Audi TT one of the most high-tech cars ever made

New Audi TT one of the most high-tech cars ever made

What I’m talking about is high-res LCD panels, twin quad-core CPUs, 4G data, touch control, natural-language voice recognition functionality, iOS search, intelligent auto-dimming headlights, hybrid aluminium and steel construction, computer-controlled 4WD.

Now couldn’t be a better time to sell my car and start saving for the new 2014 model.

Third-gen Audi TTs coming soon

The all-new Audi TT is here

Meet the new Audi TT. Stunning isn’t it?

This third incumbent focuses heavily on the digital era. All the dynamics and cockpit are configurable to the nth-degree. Perfect for any hardened Audi petrolhead.

To get your hands on one of the best selling automobiles of all time, consider trusted car buyers like your nearest big Audi dealership for a good offer.

As soon as this one hits the forecourts the first and second gen models will go for a top price.

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